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Life Ladder personal development member gives a thumbs up

Katarina achieved more than she thought possible

"Thank you! Your personal development is extraordinary, professional and inspirational. I feel the kindness and support and it’s amazing this is accessible for so many to change their life, as I have. You helped me remove the blocks when I couldn’t see them, you put light back into my eyes so I could see my dreams and achieve them. I have since achieved something very special to me in a very short timeframe. Thank you Life Ladder!"

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Life Ladder professional development member gives his review

"Brilliant to see how personal development impacts the motivation and morale of the team. Natalie’s development has created positivity and inspiration and it has had a profound impact on our new starter experience, we are thrilled with the rapid rate of development of our latest new starter."

Stephen Hobbs

Director at Warnes Projects Ltd
Life Ladder professional development member Jamie gives his feedback.

"It’s helpful to have a way to support the wellbeing of our staff. We are experiencing rapid growth, so this method of personal development is great for staff, without compromising resources and productivity. It enables us to focus on running the business, knowing we are providing development for our team."

Jamie Anderson

Director at Shutters of London Ltd

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James discovered the power of the mind

"I have felt a huge difference to my positivity and confidence. I used to worry about things and now I have ways to change how I feel and make sure I keep a clear head. This has helped me with my personal goals and enabled me to grow professionally at work and take on more responsibility. I have also got over some old issues I had with confrontation. Learning about memories and how you can change the feeling of them is fascinating! It’s good to have the power to change in your own hands. Since progressing I have bought a new house too!"

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Life Ladder personal development member James talks about his experience
Life Ladder personal development platform member Helen talks about her journey.

"Great for any business looking to boost employee engagement and employer brand! I have seen an extraordinary difference in the companies I support who are utilising this service."

Helen Vane

Director at Go Gecko Ltd
Life Ladder professional development platform member talks about her success.

"Mental health at work is complex and we take our responsibility for employee wellbeing seriously, this approach has enabled us to support our team and help them grow."

Kate Peach

Director, Each Peach Childcare

Martin changed his life

"I worked with the Life Ladder founder Natalie and it changed my personal and professional life, I developed personal skills which helped me to be a better manager and a better father."

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