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Imagine your results with team transformation where everyone makes full impact, drives growth and employee engagement & staff retention rise. Learn how with Life Ladder’s online professional development journey & 7 Step Subconscious Catalyst System.

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Developing High Performance Skills to Fuel Your Growth

Core to every business is its people. Critical to business success is achieving consistent employee engagement, wellbeing and retaining staff.   Whilst most people learn the technical skills required for their role, fewer learn or apply the keys to high performance, personal achievement and fulfilment that drive engagement and retention. 

Life Ladder enables businesses to invest in professional development training for the whole of your staff (not just those on management development streams), transforming teams and results. 

The keys to high performance, engagement & retention: 

When we combine the technical skills with ‘heart and humanity’ skills we make a greater impact on our worlds but also as individuals.  Life Ladder’s professional & personal development journey covers 12 must-have development topics for high performing businesses including; self-leadership, mind management, emotional intelligence (EQ), relationship building, communication skills, influence, problem-solving and creativity. 


Online professional & personal development enabling businesses achieve growth and impact by continuously developing employees at every level towards excellence, high performance and personal achievement.

Accessible & Engaging Development that Meets Your Business Needs

While leaders agree that the benefits of professional development training are real, it just isn’t commercially viable for every employee to be sent off site to learn all the mindset & behaviour training that really transform performance and engagement.

Learning from one-off training has been shown to be lost within days(Ebbinghaus). We help your teams maximise learning and real world results via an affordable development system using patterned microlearning and on-the-job application. £299+VAT/person/yr

Why Corporate Members Love Life Ladder

Combining the Power of Professional Development & E-Learning

We’ve combined learning theory, psychology, NLP & coaching frameworks with microlearning to help staff retain and apply new learning, increase accountability, develop new attitudes, skills, mindsets and behaviours, & collaborate more.

The 7-Step Subconscious Catalyst System for Success

Our unique system employs the 7 areas of the unconscious mind that block or propel us to success. As a part of the professional development journey, it transforms attitudes, mindsets & behaviours, embedding learning, continuous growth & improved results.

12 Personal & Professional Development Topics - Every Year

Your people learn to be high performers, balancing their development in work and life. Each year, they work through 12 must-have personal & professional development topics with 3 Learning Outcomes.

Individuals Improve Core Competencies for Life & Work

Develop staff across your whole business in topics such as: teamwork, communication, influence, performance, mindset management, creativity, self-leadership, habits, leadership & EQ. .

Live Online Group Sessions with the Experts

‘Life Ladder Live' takes a deep-dive into each month's learning outcomes to set your members up for success.

Boost Teamworking, Collaboration & Accountability

Life Ladder's Buddy System and online community means staff aren't developing in isolation. By learning, collaborating and supporting each other in Buddies & the Community your staff develop greater accountability, problem-solving and co-coaching skills.

Self-Development Resources for Employees

In addition to each month's development journey, employees benefit from unlimited access to self-development resources, and their personal goals dashboard to track goals and progress.

Learn & Develop On-the-Go

Content for all learning styles, accessible on-the-go, during breaks, commuting, or even when working from home.

Easy Onboarding & Implementation

Your dedicated Client Success Manager guides you through implementation and helps you maximise engagement and progress in your teams for ROI.

Reporting & Analysis

Every quarter, your Client Success Manager will share reports and insights to measure impact, helping you achieve strategic learning and development objectives and maximise employee retention and ROI for your business.

Boost Your Employer Brand & Employee Retention

94% of employees stay at a company longer when it invests in their development and also in happier, healthier lives. Millennials actively seek development, values & life balance from their employers and will move jobs to fulfil these needs.

Increase ROI on all Staff Training

Employees apply new skills more effectively with the right mindsets, attitudes and behaviours, increasing ROI on all company training.

“Investing in this personal development approach has been truly transformational.”

Amanda Barnes

CEO, Faversham House, UK

Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Flexible pricing from only £299 + VAT per person

Professional Development for Workplace Wellbeing

In our latest guide, we share simple, effective, powerful tips to create a professional development culture that drives workplace wellbeing and employee retention.


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