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Talent Development

People are a force of nature. We’re always evolving. That’s why employee needs are always changing. The desire for growth is in the DNA of all human beings. We always seek more: a better house, more holidays, more joy, more money, more recognition, more out of life in one way or another. This makes it increasingly complex for Leaders, HR and Talent Professionals to meet the needs of an evolving workforce that are driven by emerging desires for enhanced autonomy, personal growth, and freedom.

Greatness starts not in performance or behaviours, nor in the skills. It starts in the mind. That’s why successful Leaders and Talent Professionals are developing impactful L&D strategies to develop employee mind-sets. Individual personal development is now the crucial ingredient to developing talent and creating consistently high performance.

Life Ladder helps businesses continuously elevate excellence, through access to our personal development digital platform.


Life Ladder helps businesses continuously elevate excellence, through our personal development platform.

Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

We are human beings not human doings, heard the expression? Employees desire and expect to be treated as individuals and not numbers. The employers enjoying the highest levels of employee engagement create environments where their Leaders genuinely care about people, demonstrating a sincere interest in their happiness and wellbeing. People spend more time at work than with their family, so the actions of employers directly impact on their employees’ lives.

Life Ladder helps businesses demonstrate a firm and undeniable commitment to employee wellbeing. By investing in a personal development platform, they enable their people to develop, be happy, and achieve more. Your employees learn how to live a better personal and professional life and are reminded every day that they are valued and you care. As a result, this enables your business to enjoy significantly improved employee engagement.

Why Corporate Members Love Life Ladder

Expert coaching team

An experienced coaching team providing daily development, monthly workshops and inspiration.

Easy implementation

Easy-to-use content dashboard, implementation support and a mindset toolkit for your team.

Flexible learning

Content for all learning styles, accessible on-the-go, during breaks, commuting, or even at home.

Employees have a voice

We listen and adapt our content to your feedback, resulting in more meaningful impact.

Improve core competencies

Personal development helps with teamwork, communication, relationship building, and more.

Engagement and ROI

Our communication strategy ensures maximum ROI, keeping employees engaged and on track.

Reporting and analysis

Reports and insights to measure impact and maximise ROI for your business.

Quarterly account management

Our consultants help you achieve strategic objectives, adapting content for your needs.

Fresh daily content

New content daily, no two days are ever the same, ensuring your team fulfill their potential.

Improve your results

Take pressure off your leaders. We develop minds, so Leaders can develop results.

Boost employer brand

Invest not only in professional development, but in happier, healthier lives.

Increase ROI on all training

Employees apply new skills more effectively with the right mind-sets, increasing ROI on all training.

“Investing in this personal development approach has been truly transformational.”

Amanda Barnes

CEO, Faversham House, UK

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