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Our unique ‘Seven Step Subconscious Catalyst System’ (SCS) takes you through a journey of your mind from identity, values, beliefs, memories, decisions, habits and imagination.  The 7 Step SCS has been developed following over 1500 individual case studies and drawing from psychology, neuroscience, positive psychology,  learning theory, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and various coaching methodologies. 

Here’s an example: 

If you decide you want to get fit, you are working in the ‘decision’ part of your mind. If you have any ‘beliefs’ saying you can’t get fit, you won’t. If you have ‘memories’ of when you tried and failed, this could impact you turning your decision into success this time, or if you have a self-image that you are not a fit person, your decision is unlikely to get you to your desired outcome. 

To achieve your desired results, the mind needs to be in full harmony with what you want to achieve. 

That’s why we guide you through a journey each week, to ensure as you grow, you update and evolve all areas of your mind so you are geared up to get what you want from life. 

By fully utilising the 7 step SCS, you can achieve with ease.  Watch a video here. 

Life Ladder’s runs a professional development programme every 12 months.  Businesses can start at any time during the year as each topic runs for a month (you will be on-boarded to join at the start of a month to fully benefit from a topic development journey). 

Topics covered have been drawn from direct experience of delivering professional and personal development in business but also from market research.  The topics chosen reflect the 12 most in-demand professional development and soft skills topics across businesses both large and small. 

These include: 

  • Communication skills 
  • Creative thinking and innovation 
  • Teamworking and collaboration 
  • Growth mindset development 
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 
  • Leadership 
  • Self-leadership & personal performance  
  • Presentation, meetings  
  • Developing personal influence 
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving 
  • Managing conflict and change 
  • High performance habits 

No, Life Ladder is different from other e-learning platforms which typically focus on skills-led training delivered online, for example, career skills, marketing training, digital skills, cyber skills or health and safety training.  

Life Ladder specialises on the elements that underpin mindset and behaviour.  In other words, the subconscious frameworks that will mean an individual applies the skills and improves their work – or not.  Life Ladder focuses on mindsets, attitudes and behaviours that ignite performance, satisfaction and happiness which have usually only been offered to smaller numbers of employees due to budget availability, via one-to-one coaching or high cost training courses.  What’s truly powerful, is that Life Ladder’s e-learning development journey enables all your staff (not just the managers) to develop the mindset, attitudes and behaviour skills that make an impactful difference to productivity and employee retention.  

Microlearning is learning in small time bursts. They key benefits are higher engagement as less time is needed for each segment of learning and ease of learning as learners tackle one aspect of a subject and apply it at a time. The added benefit is the frequency and consistency of the content that is shared. Traditional forms of learning result in 70% of learning being lost within an hour of leaving the training room. Studies show that frequent repetition greatly increases learning levels and application. Typically, Life Ladder aims to have all content and activities from 1 minutes to 30 minutes. 20-30 minute-long learning episodes are usually in week one when we’re introducing topics and frameworks. Live sessions are more in-depth and are typically an hour with questions. 

Life Ladder’s business memberships are designed to enable any size of business, including SMEs add professional development to their learning and development strategy for all their employees, not just those in management streams.  We do this via e-learning, microlearning and live sessions with our coaching team. Memberships are based on numbers of employees per year (Enterprise-level, contact us for pricing).  Companies can add or remove employees through the period of their membership. 

For any learning and development strategy, you’ll be looking for return-on-investment and that means knowing your employees are engaged with the training and progressing.  Life Ladder’s Client Success Team runs initiatives to activate and engage your employees.  Other critical keys to employee engagement are leadership engagement, culture, relevance, ease-of-use and social proof. 
Life Ladder’s professional development platform and content has been created to deliver a development journey that is 100% relevant to the members. How?  The coaching and learning reflects on that individual’s experience, challenges and needs both in work and in life.  This becomes even more relevant when the business culture supports it and managers buy-in and encourage their employees to actively engage.  There are many ways this can be achieved, for example, bringing topics, progress and learning into team and one-to-one meetings.   

Social-proof is a powerful tool and works both on and offline.  If the corporate culture is clear that ‘everyone’ is expected and encouraged to take part, it makes it a normal part of the working day and not a friction with the other responsibilities on individual desks.  On Life Ladder’s learning platform, the community works in a similar way, creating an open forum for individuals to share knowledge and support, ask questions, celebrate and find buddies to collaborate on projects or their personal development. 

Professional development no longer needs to take employees away from their desks for large chunks of time.  The journey has been designed to be easy to do by using the principles of micro-learning to make the learning quick and easy to do in work time.  Some days (such as live learning sessions) take a bit longer but on average, coaching journey days take between 60 seconds (yep!) and 30 minutes, generally averaging in the middle.   

Every quarter,  you receive an engagement and progress report from your Client Success Manager. This will outline individual, team and business results in terms of progress with suggestions for increased engagement and other recommendations to support your members. 

Anyone (including leaders) can be a Buddy on Life Ladder. 

The purpose of the Buddy & Community system is three-fold. 1) To find accountability partners to collaborate with on the Life Ladder journey tasks, 2) To find a buddy (ies) to join you on a personal challenge/goal, or on a group project, 3) To provide each other with support and ideas on the Life Ladder development journey. Simply invite a buddy (either by email or by user name on the forum) via your Buddies area in the Life Ladder platform. 

Life Ladder is ideal for SMEs looking to implement professional development into their learning and development strategy for staff.  We address some key challenges many SMEs face.  Life Ladder enables mindset and behaviour training at a low cost of implementation, low time required to implement, on-board and for on-going training by using e-learning and microlearning principles, training and development that supports the whole team to achieve high levels of performance and growth, a retention strategy to help small businesses retain staff that are looking for career development.  Additionally, Life Ladder relieves some of the team coaching and development pressure from busy managers by providing employees with a self-led development journey and additional development resources across a wide range of professional development topics. 

Your reports are shared on a quarterly basis with recommendations from the Client Success Manager. They will arrange a meeting with you and any other team leaders to run through the report. 

We encourage you to make sure you (and your team if you have one!) join us live each month for this session where our coaching experts take members through a deep-dive of the e-learning professional development learning outcomes for the month.  However, if for some reason you can’t get online, this session will be recorded and released on-demand for members to refer to at a time that suits them. 

This is your journey. You have the choice. If you take one small step a day and read the content (even if you don’t do the activity), you’ll feel the benefit of continual progress. To have a healthy body, you need a regular fitness regime and daily choices to stay active, it’s the same with the mind. To get the best out of your mind and be happy and healthy, you need to make looking after your mind, a habit. That’s why we provide bite size chunks, enabling you to make happiness and success part of your everyday life. You can always catch up on other days and if you don’t catch up, it’s ok. You can pick up the daily content without needing to refer to previous days, so it will all make sense. For your ultimate success, we recommend logging in and actively using your platform every day.

Go to your dashboard and click on the Ask Us Anything section in the bottom-left corner and follow the prompts. 

Simply click on Forgotten Password when you log in and the system will take you through the re-set process. 

Our platform is designed to put your growth and success in your own hands and help you become your own coach and apply self-leadership and self-mastery to your day to day life. 

That’s why we have designed a platform which means we operate mostly digitally. 

You can send feedback and suggestions to us from your dashboard, on the bottom left. 

We’ll invite you to submit questions prior to our monthly Q&A session so we can provide valuable information for all members. 

If you need help with getting the most out of your membership or have any feedback on how we can improve you can also contact us here 

Please be sure to include your full name and membership details. 

We're sorry you want to cancel. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you. If you are a corporate client, please contact your Client Success Manager.  For Individual members, email us at, tell us your name and membership number and we’ll help you. 

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