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Our unique ‘Seven Step Subconscious Catalyst System’ (SCS) takes you through a journey of your mind from identity, values, beliefs, memories, decisions, habits and imagination.

If you decide you want to get fit, you are working in the ‘decision’ part of your mind. If you have any ‘beliefs’ saying you can’t get fit, you won’t. If you have ‘memories’ of when you tried and failed, this could impact you turning your decision into success this time, or if you have a self-image that you are not a fit person, your decision is unlikely to get you to your desired outcome.

To achieve your desired results, the mind needs to be in full harmony with what you want to achieve.

That’s why we guide you through a journey each week, to ensure as you grow, you update and evolve all areas of your mind so you are geared up to get what you want from life.

By fully utilising the 7 step SCS, you can achieve with ease.

Getting the best out of your mind starts with understanding a bit about how it works.

In our Kickstarter Goal Mastery Programme, we have put together a 9-module guided programme designed to help you not only identify what you want and the goals you want to achieve in your life and career but also to identify the areas that have been previously holding you back, such as limiting beliefs, habits that are keeping you in a holding pattern and give you foundational skills in learning to direct your mind for greater happiness and success.  

Worth £500, this programme is included in all memberships and will help you move forward more quickly.

We're sorry you want to cancel. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you. Email us at, tell us your name and membership number and we’ll help you.

Don’t worry, we’ll send you a recording.

This is your journey. You have the choice. If you take one small step a day and read the content (even if you don’t do the activity), you’ll feel the benefit of continual progress. To have a healthy body, you need a regular fitness regime and daily choices to stay active, it’s the same with the mind. To get the best out of your mind and be happy and healthy, you need to make looking after your mind, a habit. That’s why we provide bite size chunks, enabling you to make happiness and success part of your everyday life. You can always catch up on other days and if you don’t catch up, it’s ok. You can pick up the daily content without needing to refer to previous days, so it will all make sense. For your ultimate success, we recommend logging in and actively using your platform every day.

Our platform is designed to put your growth and success in your own hands and help you become your own coach and apply self-leadership and self-mastery to your day to day life.

That’s why we have designed a platform which means we operate mostly digitally.

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We’ll invite you to submit questions prior to our monthly Q&A session so we can provide valuable information for all members.

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