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With the self-improvement sector worth more than $11 billion globallythere is a clear craving for more in life. 

Books are great but theoreticalcoaching provides support but not always within budget. 

What about all those people who want more than a book but don’t have the time or money for coaching? 

We stand with them, making personal development affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere.  

We disrupt the standard ‘solve a problem’ approach. Trying to solve a problem, could be the problem. This is fire fighting, rather than fire prevention. We help people rise above problems and make personal development a way of lifeAfter all, when is your happiness and success not a priority?  

Life Ladder: personal development, your way. 

Our Story

Natalie Rea, Life Ladder Founder, has helped countless numbers of people change their life. Following vast experience of helping others increase happiness and success, Natalie developed the unique Seven Step Approach to help as many people as possible. After providing personal development for a corporate client, Natalie received a heart-warming phone call saying The difference you have made to our team is priceless. We’d love to help you go global. Life Ladder was born. A dream became reality. Now, Life Ladder is a team of extraordinary experts, all devoted to helping members develop, be happy and achieve more.


A world where everyone knows how to lead themselves with impact and where heart and humanity equals high performance.

Our Shared Values

1. Choice

Create freedom and possibility through the power of choice.

2. Community

Create greater results through collaboration.

3. Contribution

Encourage expression. Every contribution counts.

4. Catalytic

Every step can be a catalyst for greatness. Make it count.

5. Cheerful

Have fun, it fuels fresh results.

6. Continuity

Practice makes powerful.

7. Celebration

Celebration creates inspiration.

8. Connection

Connect, power up and thrive.

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